Casual Fridays

Lance Hart is in his last of many job interviews with a serious company that he really wants to work for. Sebastian Keys will be his new boss. As they conclude what seems to be a stuffy interview, Trenton Ducati struts into the office, wearing only underwear, sneakers and a necktie.

Lance is shocked to see a huge muscular man in the office wearing just underwear and a tie. As he tries to get some words out, Sebastian says, “Casual Friday…!”

Apparently this office is a fucking freak show…

Lance tries to remain composed when his soon-to-be boss pulls a bottle of lube out of his drawer and tells Trenton they need to see Lance’s cock. Lance nervously pulls his cock out, since he really needs the job and Sebastian encourages him to stroke it. Right about then Jessie Colter comes up from under Sebastian’s desk after clearly finishing a blowjob through leather bondage mask, and shakes Lance’s hand.

They make Lance jerk off while Sebastian squeezes and pulls on his balls. “How bad do you want this job…? Sebastian orders Lance to keep stroking, but not to cum. If he wants the job he has to show that he has endurance…

Once Lance has proved that he can endure both an extreme ball squeezing and staying on edge for a long time, Sebastian makes him cum in his coffee cup, and they send him on his way.

After the scene ends, there is a five minute discussion where Lance, Sebastian, Trenton and Jessie thank you for buying the clip, and talk about the things they like to film, inviting you to contact them and tell them what you want to see :)