Ella is Your Slutty Step Sister

Your step sister is a huge slut.  You find her in the kitchen.  She’s sweet but a little bratty.  She asks you to give her a ride to the mall.  You know she’s a huge slut and sucks everyone else’s cock.  

You have an idea… “I’ll make you a deal.  I’ll be your driver until you get your license, if you get on your knees and put your pretty lips around my cock right now…”

She pouts for a minute and acts a little creeped out.  She folds her arms in protest.  She stands up and squirms around trying to act innocent in her tight leggings and cropped tight shirt.  “I don’t know if I like this from my step brother…”  

Ella clearly wants to suck your cock, but seems to need to act innocent about it.  She shrugs and shows you her nice tits.  She giggles and gets on her knees to pull your hard cock out of your sweat pants.  She looks up at you over your boner with big eyes, then opens her mouth and puts her tongue on your cock to get to work with a sloppy wet deep throat blow job until you cum on her pretty face.