Slutty Step Sister Ella Prostate Milker

 is hanging out with her older Step Brother.  Previously, had manipulated her into giving him a blowjob for a ride to the mall.  He didn’t know she had recorded the whole thing.

She threatens to show their parents the video of what he did.  He’s really scared.  She wants revenge.  She bends him over and pulls his pants down to spank his bare ass and laugh.  He has to put up with it from his younger slutty step sister.

Ella gets his asshole wet with her tongue then slides her finger inside.  At first, he’s resistant, but soon he starts to like it.  “You like that on your prostate, Big Brother?”

She makes her step brother moan with two fingers.  Ella is a huge slut and knows exactly what she’s doing back there.  When he starts to like it too much she stops to spank his ass.

“You have to do everything I want now!!”  She celebrates her victory then slides her fingers back inside him to bring him to the edge of cumming.  She humiliates him for being a butt slut, making him back up on her hand before she brings him to a prostate orgasm.  She slides her fingers in his mouth.

“You like that?”  She grabs his hard cock.  Clearly he likes being a slut for his dirty step sister.